PeARS Search Engine

‘We will snow’ - join our campaign to index the Web!

A single snowflake is small, fragile, hardly visible. But taken together, snowflakes can cover entire landscapes, from remote valleys to inaccessible mountain peaks. So it is that many of us, working together, can do what only powerful organisations have achieved so far: explore, search and share the World Wide Web.

PeARS, codename ‘Orchard’, is a decentralised Web search system allowing people to easily index their favourite web pages (i.e. produce a computer-readable, searchable representation of the pages’ content). Its main feature is the ability to convert a small index into a greyish, unassuming picture, called a ‘snow pod’. Snow pods are the mini-weapons of the indexing revolution. They can easily be shared with others by email, on social media, or through any other mean, so you can be your very own search engine, for yourself and for your friends.

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