Peer Press is a collective, in the simplest sense of the term. We collect what we do (mostly writings, but other things too) and share it on this site. There is no higher purpose to the endeavour, just the feeling of belonging together and the need to record that no matter how heterogeneous our output might seem, it probably wouldn’t exist without the connections between us.

Who is that ‘us’? Many different people, who are acknowledged in various parts of the site. Long-standing members are listed below.

Lucy Duggan

Lucy Duggan is a writer and translator based in rural Brandenburg, in eastern Germany. Currently, she is working on a queer family saga set in a ruined manor house. She is the author of Tendrils (Cambridge: Peer Press, 2014), a novel about long-lost enemies. Her miniature stories can be found at www.tinystori.es. Her writing has appeared in The Catweazle Magazine, The Spectacle, and The Washington Square Review. Contact her at lucykduggan [at] gmail.com.

Eva von Redecker

Eva is a philosopher, recipient of a Marie-Skłodowska-Curie-fellowship at the University of Verona (Italy). Her research project aims at providing a theoretical description of the authoritarian personality. Between 2009 and 2019, she worked as doctoral and postdoctoral research assistant at Humboldt-University; she has also taught at Goethe-University, Frankfurt and the New School, New York. She grew up in the countryside and still considers it the best place to be. You can get in touch at redeckee [at] hu-berlin.de.

Aurelie Herbelot (A.H.)

A.H. is a researcher in computational linguistics at the Center for Mind/Brain sciences, University of Trento (Italy). Her research group is CALM (Computational Approaches to Language and Meaning). She has a certain obsession for stories of gods-and-other-beasts creating worlds, and thus a predilection for truth-theoretic semantics. She would rather not be contacted, but if you really have to, you can find her details at https://aurelieherbelot.net.